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A young writer just getting started ... Through shameless self-promotion
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  • 04/18/12--18:18: On getting back up.
  • Okay – I know I promised myself that I would run while on vacation, and watch what I ate, and write every day. I also know that I did nothing of the sort. I am angry with myself, and I readily acknowledge that I am weak. But I simultaneously acknowledge that being weak is acceptable […]


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    I teach twelfth grade English at the local high school. I interact with teenagers every day, bearing witness to the comedies and tragedies that fill the hallways, cause lockers to slam angrily, demand hall passes and fill their little worlds right up. I enjoy being an audience member to one thousand mini-melodramas five days a […]


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  • 06/26/12--18:05: On wine and whine.
  •   Having lunch with two beautiful, engaged young woman does not appear to be an arduous task.  It does, however, become difficult for the “third wheel,” the young woman not engaged or even dating, the young woman with no romantic prospects whatsoever.  It becomes increasingly difficult to keep the smile radiant and the eyes dry […]


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    Mimi and Jimmy left this morning, with Teddy, to take Jimmy back to Virginia.  I find the gray skies to be fitting. PROMPT: “You accidentally overhear a conversation between two people you’ve never met. The topic of the conversation shocks and dismays you. Write about these conversations and describe how you respond to the content: […]


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  • 07/11/14--18:20: On nasty surprises.
  • It has been just about two months since I last posted.  I am ashamed to admit that I let life get in the way.  The school year got the best of me – a clear indication my priorities were shuffled and rearranged about a thousand times.  I thought I fell in love, but thinking about […]


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  • 04/14/15--18:20: On talking to the dead.
  • Friday, April 10, 2015 marked 90 years since the publication of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the novel that essentially changed my life by confirming the kind of woman – the kind of human being – I wanted to be. I couldn’t let such an occasion, such an anniversary; pass without some kind […]


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    Good news: A literary agency requested my full manuscript about a week ago. Bad News: I haven’t written anything in a while, other than melodramatic diary entries that are more embarrassing and revealing than creative. I had a revelation last night, one that shocked and dismayed me to the point of smoking a cigarette, something […]

    mandileighbeanwoman writerlonelywomanmandileighbeanwoman writerlonelywoman

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    I know I need to update this blog more than once a month. My writing is becoming stale; my literary muscle is in a state of atrophy due to lack of use. I have no excuse. I wonder how many writers believed themselves to be prophetic. I don’t mean in the pretentious sense, but in […]

    mandileighbeanhc single valentine's daymandileighbeanhc single valentine's day

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  • 07/15/15--10:43: On objections.
  • “Love is a book that never closes.” I need to stop drinking spoiled milk. A respected coworker of mine read the manuscript for Moody Blue and told me she enjoyed it, believed it had merit and promise. She readily commiserated with me about how every literary agent has been rejecting me. I received one such rejection […]


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  • 12/31/15--09:11: On battling bullshit.
  • It’s the end of another year. We’re all preparing for the onslaught of “new year, new you” messages and postings, and I know the majority think such verbiage is cliched bullshit. I was such a believer until I sat down to draft this blog post. The endings and beginnings of life often prompt us to […]


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  • 02/13/16--11:29: On being a big, fat liar.
  • Two weeks ago, I went to confession. The line of sinners was surprisingly long; I assume the snowstorm from the previous weekend had kept the faithful at home and away from the church, so everyone was playing catch up. That’s why I was there, at any rate. But there’s something about being in that intimate, […]


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  • 02/21/16--18:48: On being the Duckie.
  • I love 80’s culture; movies, music, fashion – all of it. I’m something like a girl anachronism, born 18 years too late. I should have come of age in that decade of magic, of decadence. It was the last era of wholesomeness (even despite the extravagance). Things really seemed possible then. One of the greatest […]

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    I absolutely loathe my dependence on technology. I know this may seem like quite the hypocritical statement as I am using my computer and the internet and social media to update my narcissistic, self-indulgent blog, but hear me out. I want to be a writer, so in this digital age of selfies and tweets and […]

    samandmephillymandileighbeanThis is my twin sister, Sam. Isn't she beautiful?This is David Cook. He has an amazing voice, and his new album samandmephillymandileighbeanThis is my twin sister, Sam. Isn't she beautiful?This is David Cook. He has an amazing voice, and his new album "Digital Vein" is out now.You may recognize him from "American Idol." He was the winner of Season 10 ... I think.We had an early dinner at Prohibition Taproom in Philadelphia, PA. It was delicious and our waitress was awesome.

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    “In the stories, though, it’s worth it. Always worth it to have tried, even if you fail, even if you fall like a meteor forever. Better to have flamed in the darkness, to have inspired others, to have lived, than to have sat in the darkness, cursing the people who borrowed, but did not return, […]


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    It’s been over two months since the last time I posted, and there’s nothing I want more than to tell you I’ve been doing wonderfully interesting things, that I’ve been really and truly living. But that would be a hyperbole. I’ve been alive, yes, and I’ve done some fun things, yes, but nothing that should […]

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    When we try to make things better, do we sometimes make them worse? Is going forwards as bad as going backwards?


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  • 01/07/17--08:47: On new optimism.
  • “The future’s just a fucking concept meant to keep us from being alive today.” – “Six Feet Under” “New Year’s is so weird, the way it makes you think about time. I think that’s why people put so much pressure on themselves to have fun.” – “Modern Family” Two posts in the same week from […]


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  • 01/30/18--15:32: On misery.
  • I know I haven’t updated like I said I would, which is not really surprising. At least I have excellent news to share. I applied and was accepted to attend The Writer’s Hotel writing conference. It’s in Manhattan beginning in the first week of June. As part of attending the conference, my manuscript will be […]